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The Great Adventure Lab is an after-school science enrichment program that runs in 50+ schools in the DC area. We’ve taught thousands of kids how to write their first robotics programs or video game programs (or both!). This is our fourth school year!

Starting April 2014, we will offer our two most popular classes, Lego Robotics for grades 2-4 and(Lego) Robo Challenge for grades 4-5 in Lake County, IL. These are affordable classes, starting at $125 per student for a 7-week class. All of our prices are listed on our website.

We do it all with SMALL class sizes (adult-student ratio = 6:1) and highly skilled teachers, many of whom have or still work as scientists or engineers. Our goal is to make science, technology, engineering and mathematics irresistably FUN for the next generation. Kids leave our classes demanding MORE!

You can read all about our classes and birthday parties on our web site Our site includes plenty of reviews, photos and links to videos from our classes!  

Basic Robotics Activity Grades 2-4

We’ll spend the first 20-30 minutes following on-screen instructions to build our robots with actual Lego pieces from our robotics kits. Then our instructor will teach your children about programming, and how to write simple programs using Lego Education’s drag-and-drop software. Depending on how quickly your children build and program, they will have 20 to 30 minutes left to play with the robots after programming! Some kids will be happy to play with them as they are; other will want to improvise on the design or the program to make their robots do different things. Either way, they’ll have a blast!



The Great Adventure Lab

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Morton Grove Public Library
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Morton Grove, IL
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